yes i am secretly gay Im 14 and Im Mexican but Im okay with that i live in the bay area and I LOVE my family and friends

29. August 2013

I was very young and clueless when I had my very first crush on my best friends older brother I was very confused because I would always feel diffrent when I would be around him he made me feel weird and I dont know I just felt like I could do anything I tried to do everything to get his attention or to impress him and if I see him now I would probably just be quite and awkwardly stare at random things and not look him in the eyes his eyes were the part I loved the most his eyes are are blueish greenish and id just want to stare at them forever but I couldnt sadly my crush moved away and changed school and although I didnt know what these feelings meant back when I was young I know now

29. August 2013

Bullying and is something I think we have experienced but some just get it worse than others personally yes I have gotten bullied more verbal than physical but yes I have been bullied and in the outside it didn’t hurt but the inside would be the one that would kill me the most they called me fat,gay ,and fag etc…..and I would just ignore the comments  and just stay strong but this continued for a very long time and yes sometimes i did just crack and get so frustrated with my self or just get angry with anything but bullying is just something that will not stop its just there just like a fruit fly that just keeps bugging you but that fruit fly eventually dies and it gets better (or so i have heard) and for some of us it does but for others not so much that fruit fly can be replaced with another                                         for me middle school was definitely much better and i think it was because of my attitude i had that i don’t care what you say about me attitude and because of that i could act weird and stuff like that whenever i wanted and it was awesome yes there still were people that didn’t approve of it i didn’t give a shit and i don’t now so give suck a cock or lick a pussy for all i care bitchhhhhhhhh

What is it that makes people hate us so much I mean we haven’t really done anthing wrong we have hearts and these hearts have the right to fall in love with anyone they want to
So how much time do we have to wait till people can get it through their big head of theirs that we can’t be changed that we were just born with an attraction to the same sex just like they are born with an attraction to their opposite sex its just really frusterating waiting for that one day when people will change

Dat ass
Dont judge me
If someone like Macklemore supports it why can’t you

Some people tell me im weak and some people tell me im a lozer
But I say I don’t care what you say about me  I am strong and I will never give up

29. August 2013

Being stuck in the closet is really painful you just feel trapped
You feel as if there is this tiger waiting outside just ready to pounce on you
My family is the main reason I’m scared of coming out I’m scared that they will reject me and kick me out of the house
I just wish sometimes that my parents were different. It would have probably made this situation easier for me. If my family loved me knowing I was gay I wouldnt care what anyone says about me but it really is difficult and scary

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